We are privately owned company, led by experienced Professional Engineers, driven by values that fortify everything we do. Our core is achieved by implementing the following:

  • High Standard Performance: We are committed to delivering ALL projects; Safely, On Time, within Budget and to the highest standard of quality.
  • Client Trust: Maintaining a strong mutual trust and respect, generated through proactive relationships with clients, contractors, vendors and project teams.
  • Confidence: Confidence in our design and projects comes through consistent evaluation of our individual skills and our company processes. GTES strongly believes that confidence is also earned from our clients.   
  • Ethics: Mutual respect, integrity, honesty and open communication at all levels are the driving force for how we build relationships with our Clients, Staff, Contractors and Suppliers.
  • Quality Assurance: We provide the highest quality product by implementing QA/QC planning strategies (engineering and project construction management) and we commit to delivering projects of enduring quality using robust materials, responsible engineering practices and process-driven construction methods.
  • Safety: Our aim is to achieve zero accidents and zero occupational illness cases to keep our people, clients, community and sites safe by implementing/maintaining HSE strategies during all stages of Projects’ execution. 
  • Sustainability: Environmental protection maintaining Green House and Environment strategies in all stages of projects' execution.
  • Cost Saving and Value Engineering: Implementing cost saving strategies during all stages of Projects without compromising the quality.